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Our company’s quality assured grading system from makes sure that our phones are graded carefully and our customers know what they’re buying. All our phones are classified and categorized in 5 grades. The following is the detailed documentation of our grading hierarchy and policies.


 These devices work perfectly fine and are at top of the class when it comes to appearance they are scratch less and brand new with 100% battery.

Grade A

These devices are as brand new as a freshly unboxed phone. They have no sign of use and are at the best of their quality.

Grade A/B

All the products that look slightly used but work just as brand new are made a part of this category.

Grade B

These devices have obvious signs of use however the device is not faulty. Obvious signs of use can be Dents / Scratches etc.

Grade B/C

All the products in this category look heavily used appearance wise however they are not faulty and work perfectly fine.

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